Home Our consultants at Guardian Digital Forensics are certified and have qualified and testified as experts in computer forensics, cell phone forensics and cell tower data forensics. Criminal: We have extensive experience in  providing computer, cell phone and cell tower evidence forensics and testimony in criminal cases including complex capital and first degree murder cases, sexual molestation, child pornography, Internet predators, financial fraud, kidnapping, rape, and other crimes. Civil Litigation: We also have extensive experience in civil cases involving employee wrongdoing, wrongful death, product counterfeiting, trade secrets, and other types of cases.  For more information, including our rates, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us a request for more information. If you need immediate assistance call 919-868-6291 anytime. Our book, “Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals” is available now in both print and Kindle format from Amazon.com.  Check out the book reviews here.