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Computer Forensics

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CLE Course Offerings

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The Guardian Advantage

End to End
End to End Solution

When your case is complicated, you need your forensic expert not to be. Guardian Digital Forensics provides end to end forensic and electronic discovery solutions from the collection to the courtroom. No middle men; everyone who touches your case evidence is a digital forensics expert who holds multiple certifications.

Experience You Can Depend On

Our examiners have consulted on hundreds of cases, ranging from employee wrong doing to terrorism and nearly everything in between. This extensive case experience coupled with technical expertise allows us to assist our clients at every level, from analyzing opposing expert reports to assisting with subpoenas and electronic discovery language.

Industry Leading Expertise

We have worked for civil and criminal clients, including plaintiff, defense, and prosecuting attorneys in both State and Federal courts all over the country. All of our forensic examiners have multiple industry recognized certifications in areas such as computer forensics, e-discovery, cell phone, cellular networks, and global positioning forensics.

Proven Experts in Digital Forensics and Electronic Discovery

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The best decision I made for my client was deciding to us Lars and Guardian as an expert. That decision completely changed the trajectory of the case and the motions that we filed. The government realized its many challenges in proving their case after securing Lars as an expert for trial, . Ultimately, that was dismissed. I know that I would not have had a favorable outcome for my client without Lars' help and expertise.

– Attorney Adam R. Hunter

I tout unreservedly the services of Guardian Digital Forensics.

As counsel for the lead defendant in a 13 defendant federal prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, I relied implicitly on Guardian Digital Forensics and its president, Larry Daniel, to parse and organize a mass of digital discovery (exceeding one terabyte); to segregate the portions pertinent to each defendant; and to interpret the evidence (following an agreement among counsel to waive potential conflicts).

Guardian very ably interpreted the inculpatory or exculpatory value of the evidence as to each defendant. Moreover, it examined the evidence with an eye to revealing diminished reliability through any flaws in the manner of its seizure or reproduction.

Guardian was also markedly less expensive than the several alternative experts I consulted.

– Attorney John C. Kiyonaga

Lars Daniel assisted me with a case that involved the examination of over 15 computers, server data, and online backups. His work was performed in a thorough and excellent manner, and he was prompt and professional. I was impressed with the insights Lats brought to the case, and his ability to explain technical concepts with great clarity and precision. He was required to explain his findings to a public board of commissioners and me, neither of which possessed a great deal of technical knowledge about the subject matter. Nevertheless, his presentation was articulate and understandable by all.

I would recommend Lars and his team when you have a case involving any form of digital evidence.

– Attorney Sherrod Banks